Token Rating

The rating methodologies provided by us only evaluate the risks and qualifications of the projects, and do not evaluate the investment value of tokens. They cannot be utilised as the sole reference point for investment purposes. The major features of TokenInsight's rating model are:
  • Combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis - established on the quantitative results provided by data mining.
  • Fully-automated objective indicators - effectively reflect the development and changes of the project, provide visualized and multi-perspective evaluations based on strong data sources and professional data intelligence team.
  • Reasonable and detailed model classification - closely matches the industry development status with an extensive scope of application.
  • Standardized analysis module - ensures consistency of the rating results.
  • Risk and qualification rating - different from price/value evaluation, focusing on the fundamental value behind the project.
  • Dynamic ratings - current and long-term outlook are combined and updated regularly.

Rating Principles

  • Independence: TokenInsight guarantees our complete internal control. During the rating process, the members of the rating team and the review committee maintain their independence, and are isolated from the target projects to prevent bias from external factors;
  • Objectivity: The team members conduct ratings based on objective information and data of the target projects, and review the rating results in strict accordance with the procedures;
  • Fairness: During the rating process, members of the rating team adhere to the principle of fairness and produce fair and unbiased ratings based on publicly available information and professional knowledge and skills.

Reasonable Data Principles

  • Authenticity: TokenInsight guarantees that the data collection in the database and data adopted in rating procedures are reliable, the data sources are open, and can reflect the real development progress of the project.
  • Consistency: TokenInsight guarantees a certain degree of comparability and consistency in the measurement of risks, and maintains consistency in the collected data, calculations, indicators, and rating standards.
If you want to read the full methodologies of token rating and token dynamic performance score, please check the files below.
Tokeninsight Token Rating Methodology_updated at 2020Jan.pdf
Tokeninsight Token Dynamic Performance Score Methodology_updated at 2020Jan.pdf